December 14th2008

I had planned this like before Eid (with my offline friends) that we’d do a Barbeque after Eid, and that finally happened last night (Saturday night).

I had to do some preparation before hand, getting the sound system ready, the lightning and all that stuff, and obviously make the sitting arrangements to hold some 6 butts on the ground, so matteresses were pulled out of the closets.

The bbq started off at around 9 which I think is too soon to start a bbq, it should start at something around 11, so people could live and enjoy through the night, but hell 6 boys together cannot get out alive without enjoying.

We had Asim, Fahad, Kamran, Hassan, Najam and me for the bbq. Asim grabbed his Sheesha (huqa) while coming, Fahad had his Guitar, and Kamran and Asim together grabbed a few movies.

There’s nothing much too tell about the whole cooking part, except that we wet fahad ass (with some super cold water) while he was on the grill, and that I tried playing a little guitar and I sucked big time, the sound system sounded better with some good msuic.

We ate food and jumped into my room, where we had moved the mattresses after eating so we could watch the movies. Kamran wanted to make us watch a horror movie which he though would creep us out, so we put on the one which he got, it was a french movie without any subtitles ‘Record’. If you watch it without any random commentry you’d enjoy the horror part of it, but we laughed all night on it, since we had everyone commenting and redubbing what was being said. Hassan being the lead on this made the whole movie sound super funny.

We then had tea and later icecreams during the movie and also watched ‘Dostana’ again, yeah I’ve watched it before too. We had some good pathan nasta, and around 9 we said our lovely dostana good byes.

That was about it, just wanted to write it to remember the good times 😀

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  • haha you forgot to write about Aishwariya & Najam lol.

    December 14, 2008
  • Rockstar
    Haha yeah man, will do the update.

    December 14, 2008
  • gande bache.. shishas are hell more harmful than cigarettes. waise dubbing would have been fun =p

    December 19, 2008
  • Raheel
    haha, dude I can do neither 😛 alergic, remember.
    Dubbing was like super fun !

    December 19, 2008

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