December 25th2008

Alot of people know that I haven’t been well medically, that is my health isn’t at it’s best right now, so I m staying a little low, and with 25th December, I thought I’d relax alot at home, though the plan was to watch movies and stay up, it didn’t quite work out that way :S

Asim had come over and we had to watch movies with soup and pizza, instead we spent most of the night at the hospital.. My dad developed some sort of very harsh muscle pain around the ribbs, the pain grew way too much and had to be taken to the hospital immediately, and thats what we did !

Dad is much better now, and there’s a little progress on my Bell’s Palsy thing too.

Anyways, when we were back from the hospital, we were a little exhausted, but still Asim insisted that we watch Transporter 3, we did put it on, but started feeling so sleepy so soon, that we had to snooze instead of watching the movie.

Now I got to sleep a little, so I can get to work on time. Oh and btw, Beleated Happy Birthday to Muhammad Ali Jinnah (25th, December), and Belated X-Mas.

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